Friday, February 17, 2012

Oracle Clusterware Log Files (11.2)

Investigating a RAC error can be a minefield when it comes to log files. Below are a list of Clusterware log files and their associated process that can be used to diagnose/resolve errors.

A good MOS (My Oracle Support) note for diagnosing Grid Infrastructure (Clusterware) issues on startup:
Troubleshoot Grid Infrastructure Startup Issues [ID 1050908.1]

For the below log file names server hostname is "myserver01" and Grid Infrastructure is installed under /app/11.2.0/grid/ (UNIX).

Summary of all Clusterware events on this host

Oracle High Availability Services Daemon OUT

Oracle High Availability Services Daemon

Cluster Ready Services OUT

Cluster Ready Services Daemon

Cluster Synchronisation Service OUT

Cluster Synchronisation Service Daemon

Alert log for ASM (ADR - Automatic Diagnostic Repository = /app/oracle/diag/)

Cluster Ready Services Monitor Agent

Cluster Ready Services Root Agent

Oracle High Availability Services Monitor Agent

Oracle High Availability Services Root Agent

Cluster Synchronisation Service Root Agent (under OHAS)

Cluster Synchronisation Service Monitor Agent (under OHAS)

In addition to the above I recently found this page in the documentation:

  • Clusterware Log Files and the Unified Log Directory Structure

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